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3-in-1 OTG Memory Stick (iOS / Andriod / PC)   

3-in-1 OTG Memory Stick (iOS / Andriod / PC)
3-in-1 OTG Memory Stick (iOS / Andriod / PC)

Brand: Flashdrive
Model: NK890
Available Storage: 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB
Color: Silver...
Warranty: 1 year
Software: i-Stick & USB Security
Software Requirement:
- Andriod: 4.2 above
- iOS: 8 above
- All Windows
Call Now to check with us where to buy for Genuine Product.
014-6288917 / 016-9959210
Call Now to apply as authorized dealer in Malaysia. PLEASE MAKE SURE A GENUINE PRODUCT WITH 1YEAR 1-TO-1 WARRANTY ... DON'T GET FAKE PRODUCT!!! 展开

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